OXD Care Gel Frio Intenso

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Gel Post Competição Intenso

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The OXD Cooling Gel is perfect for you if you want to relieve and invigorate your muscles after doing exercise. It has been specifically formulated for sports massage and it achieves its soothing effect thanks to the action of the alcohol, camphor, menthol and the combination of vegetable extracts such as witch-hazel (Hamamelis).

If we apply the cooling gel after practicing physical exercise we will refresh and recover fatigued, over-burdened and aching muscles, recovering muscular well-being.

The OXD Cooling Gel is available in two intensities to cover your preferences and the different levels of physical effort. If you want to achieve a cooling effect or you have done some moderate exercise, OXD Cooling Gel will provide an invigorating and stimulating effect over your skin, giving you a wonderful sensation of well-being.

Its light texture makes application easy and it is quickly absorbed. It does not stain your clothes and it does not make your skin feel sticky.

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